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At TradesmanNow, we have hand selected the most experienced and trustworthy electricians in Sydney. Each of our tried and tested electricians provide full electrical services, including extensive electrical work on home renovations, lighting installation (including downlights), installing powerpoints and overall wiring.

Our electricians do a whole lot more than this, too. From setting up heating to installing air conditioners, there are a range of jobs that you may not realise require the expertise of an electrician. They can also quickly and efficiently install smoke detection systems, integrated home audio systems and a range of security systems to fit every budget.

A reliable and experienced electrician can save you thousands by carrying out thorough, efficient work. Re-wiring your project or correcting the mistakes of low quality work can add excess costs to your budget, so it’s always better to get the job done right the first time.

Planning a lighting system for your home is a tricky but important job to ensure not only adequate lighting but also to accomplish an elegance and ambiance that makes you enjoy spending time in every room of your home.

Flexible lighting solutions to areas such as the kitchen, lounge, home theatre and even outdoor areas are also important to make sure your home is not only functional but also makes a big impact. Our electricians provide the skills, knowledge, and experience with electrical wiring required to correctly and safely install all lighting setups.

You can trust that the electricians recommended by TradesmanNow are of the highest quality, and have been vetted based on references, word of mouth and an assessment of their skills, experience and reputation.

Licensing Requirements for Electricians in Australia:

Licensing requirements for tradespeople vary from state to state in Australia.

For information regarding licensing requirements for electricians in Sydney and throughout New South Wales consult NSW Fair Trading.

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